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I'm really lucky to be working  with brands that I truly believe in. It took me time to find companies that I wanted to work with, but that's because I'm picky. I reached out to brands whose products I already used (because they were the best available) or I chose to work with those developing new products. It's so exciting to trial and feedback on products, and to be able to influence their evolution into the perfect running accessory.  

Above all I love working with small, local and innovative businesses. Where that isn't possible I choose larger companies who use their influence to advocate environmental and social change, and who value the wellbeing of their athletes. No matter who I work with the ethos and atmosphere of the brand need to fit. 



Remember back in 2014 when everyone used to run in barefoot shoes? That's when I got my first pair of Merrells. I wore them to run, to lectures, to walk around town, and I still wear them today! 

So when Merrell approached me last year about their new trail team I was always going to say 'yes'. It's been really cool to feedback on their first range of skyrunning shoes and to help influence the direction future models will take.

I also love being on a team which supports more female than male athletes! We're a long way from achieving equality in the outdoors (not just in terms of sex) and I'm proud to work with a company that takes active steps to showcase a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. 

Favourite product: MTL Skyfire

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Gone are the days of stopwatches and streets you'd memorised the distances of, and for good reason. I'm using the Suunto 9 at the moment and I love it. There are so many features that help me to train and recover, such as the interval setting and sleep information.

Suunto Website
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I love spending time in the mountains above all else; I just want to be outside. This is why I'm happy to be partnering with Rab - a brand that is designed for doing just that.

From helping to develop a mountain running specific range, to using their tried and tested products to keep me warm, working with Rab is an absolute pleasure. I'm thrilled to be working with a brand that builds community and promotes sustainability, as well as making products that get me outside on wheels, skis, feet and everything in between. 

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I've been using TORQ in my racing since 2015, starting off with the gels and later venturing into the energy and recovery drinks.  Having a very sweet tooth I love the flavours available, and also find the consistency of the gels way nicer than any other brands I've tried. Most importantly, I know I can rely on the TORQ fuelling system to keep my energy levels high in the most demanding situations. In 2020 I officially started working with TORQ and have been able to use the fuelling system in training as well as racing. This allows me to push harder in training and prepare better for racing. 

Favourite products: rhubarb & custard gel, cookies & cream recovery, ginger flapjack. 



I'm fussy about hats. In all the years I've been running I'd only every found one hat that I liked to run in. It was orange and I loved it. Then I lost it. Years of squinty, hatless running passed.

Then in 2020 Vaga came along. They make comfortable, packable, lightweight, washable, windproof running caps. What more could you want? Oh, and they look cool too.



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