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I wanted to make a quick reel summarising my last two weeks of training, but all the explanations were coming out far too long for an instagram post. So I've dusted off my keyboard and resurrected the blog for my annual post.

The reason my training summary was too long for instagram was because I wanted to include all the little adaptations and external influences that were affecting my training. Not as an excuse, but to highlight that nobody's training goes completely to plan.

Recent training views

The last two weeks have been a bit hectic and included some curveballs, which has been disruptive to training. I think it is important to acknowledge our adjustments and missed sessions: comparing your training to someone else's perfect image online isn't healthy or productive.

Being able to adapt your training to your life enables longevity in the sport. It means you don't try to push through when you shouldn't, training remains a joy rather than a chore, and prevents other stresses in your life from becoming overwhelming. Adaptability in my day-to-day training and variation in my yearly schedule has allowed me to keep my love of running alive.

Two Weeks of Not-so-perfect Euro Champs Training

20th April, Saturday:

Easy cycle ahead of Inter Counties Fell Race tomorrow. Realise 5km in that my runny nose isn't hayfever but actually a cold. I feel fine and ride strong for 35km, but I have a runny nose and a headache. Spend all aftenoon debating whether to race or not.. last time I raced with a cold it took me six weeks to recover.

21st April, Sunday:

Decided not to drive to the Lakes and glad of it. Wake up feeling much worse. Walk 1km up from the North Face car park with D and feel feverish. Send him off to ski and spend the rest of the day working in cafes and reading in the sun. Feel absolutely fine by 8pm.

Eating lots and eating well whilst unwell

22nd April, Monday:

Delay training to give myself maximum recovery time. Go for an easy evening 10km and feel great again.

23rd April, Tuesday:

Felt fine after my run yesterday so proceed with today's planned long run. Feel great.

24th April, Wednesday:

Early start to drive north for a couple of days, but car breaks down 45 minutes from home. Waste the morning sat around waiting for recovery. Easy evening run. This was supposed to be followed by gym but D crashed his mtb and we ended up in A&E until 2am. University deadline submitted from Raigmore waiting room. Gym never happens this week.

25th April, Thursday:

Up again and back to Raigmore in the morning. In Inverness 9am to 6pm. Home half an hour too late to join my usual Thursday run group so I go out by myself. Turn around after 1km because I am just too tired. This is the first time I've ever bailed on a run once out the door and I do not regret it.

26th April, Friday:

Need to prove fitness after missing Inter Counties at the weekend. 5km time trial on a local loop - manage 1 minute quicker than 6 months ago. Followed by 20 minute tempo.

27th April, Saturday:

Another lovely local mountain bike ride.

28th April, Sunday:

Hill reps on my usual hill. Feel tired but remind myself that is understandable (D's crash was stressful and though he's fine he's still in a lot of pain at this point).

29th April:

Rest day.

30th April:

Very little sleep, so postpone morning session. Drive down to the Lakes in the afternoon and traffic means journey takes much longer than usual. Only manage an easy 5km, rearrange plan to fit in session later in week.

1st May:

Filming on Scafell Skyrace route for Rab. Self filmed so I can control pace and plan to count this as my long run. Cut route short though as still feeling very tired. Another university deadline tomorrow so I stay up late completing that submission.

Enjoying the sunshine in the Lakes

2nd May:

A morning of filming (feeling a bit fresher after a good sleep!) and the drive up the road. Easy evening run with the Thursday gang.

3rd May:

Morning gym session - feeling guilty about missing last week. Evening hill reps - feeling great. Sunshine helps.

4th May:

We decide to go ahead with our planned weekend away despite D's injury. The car breaks down again and we waste a sunny afternoon waiting for breakdown recovery. I should run on arrival, but delay it so that we can make the most of the only sun forecast for the weekend. Cut evening run from 15km to 10km.

Delaying my run whilst the sun is still hitting the bench

5th May:

Speed session on undulating road. The first rep feels awful but after that I get into the swing of things and enjoy myself.

6th May:

Easy 15km on the plan. Feel slow and heavy but get it done. Excited for rest day tomorrow.

7th May:

Rest day.

8th May:

Write this blog post and then head out to train. Someone has knocked the wing mirror off my van. Drive to garage, relocate session, have a great run.


Two weeks of not perfect training: lots of stress and missed sleep. But by adapting and tweaking sessions I've managed to complete two weeks of good training without getting injured or burning out. I've still reached my weekly mileage goals, only missed one gym session, and was able to balance my training with other aspects of my life. I'll take it.

Other Adaptations I've Made

It's been nearly a year since my last post, partly because in May 2023 I decided to take a step back from racing and to focus instead on enjoying life and planning trips for fun. I hoped that by doing this I would find my motivation to race again. It worked.

In the last year I've decided that by minimising the number of races I do each year I can truly throw myself into them, whilst also factoring in time for other parts of my life. This year's two A races are Trans Gran Canaria 46km (back in February) and the upcoming European Championships. I will then have the rest of the summer to focus on personal projects, travel, other sports and friends. For now, I'm genuinely loving the grind of getting ready for the champs.

Exploring Greenland's Ice Sheet, August 2023

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